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In our experience, BD London has an approach that I believe people will find very rare and refreshing these days. The team was extremely accommodating and friendly throughout the entire process. They have an option, and the right approach in sharing it.

— Mark & Beth | private house refurbishment & extension in Wandsworth —

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As our house is in a conservation area, we were concerned that it might prove difficult to get the project through planning. However, BD proved to be knowledgeable of the process and worked very closely with our Planning Officer at every stage, and despite some objections from surrounding residents, planning was awarded.

— George & Robert | private house refurbishment & extension in Ealing —

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I cannot speak highly enough of the BD team, and in particular Miriam and Thomas. They are both highly professional, a pleasure to work with and delivered a result – both in terms of building design and construction – far in excess of our expectations.

— Peter | investment flat refurbishment in Green Park —

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All of our expectation have been met and BD team has provided a ‘hands-on’ personal but practical and approach from the very beginning of a scheme through to its completion.

— Ed & Val | House refurbishment & extension in Hackney —

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I really enjoyed the fact that the architects and builders are the same team. BD London’s intense project management continuous design led decision making was an absolute blessing once we realised just how involved and complex things could be.

— John | Flat refurbishment in Kensington —

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