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With a skill base and expertise that covers a broad spectrum of services such as Design, Project Management and Construction, we create spaces that are both unique and personal to our clients.


Planning Applications, Listed Buildings & Conservation Areas

As a matter of course, we will handle all Planning Applications, Applications for License to Refurbish, Listed Buildings Applications, negotiations with Managing Agents and Residents Associations, Schedules of Conditions, Party-wall Agreements, Traffic Management plans and other relevant protocols on your behalf.

We enjoy an excellent relationship with the Planning Authorities in each of the London Boroughs in which we work, and have an excellent record of negotiating Planning Applications and obtaining Permissions for our clients’ projects.


We are equally at home working within the traditional vernacular of period London architecture, or the pared down, clean lines and spaces of modern living. It is a regular request to combine the two, creating exhilarating contemporary interiors that pay homage to the traditional buildings they inhabit.

Our architects are experts in the remodelling of space and levels, and have in-depth experience of constructing extensions, conservatories and additional storeys. Alongside our private clients, we also provide architectural services to a number of prestigious, landowning Estates.

Interior Design

In general, our goal is to create timelessly signature interiors which focus equally on quality and comfort.

Even though almost all of our projects are located in central London, we work on a wide variety of property types and styles.

The tastes and needs of our clients vary widely, too, and so on each project we listen carefully to their ideas and wishes and then work with them to create a property with which they will be truly pleased and of which they can be rightly proud.

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Our Construction team has been pivotal in earning us our good name. We insist that all construction staff shares our commitment and high standards. Clients regularly compliment their manners, consideration and flexibility, and a real benefit of working with us is that you will be able to count on this yourself.

Once construction is scheduled to commence, we assign an experienced Site Manager to lead a team of highly skilled and professionally qualified tradesmen, each of whom we have selected individually to work for us.

Project Management

With the demanding commercial and personal schedules of our clients, and the practical requirements of working in London’s busy residential neighborhoods, meticulous Project Management is vital in carrying out trouble free refurbishment work.

With many years experience of running projects of this kind, the precision of our Project Management is second to none. From the outset, we anticipate and plan meticulously for each stage of its progress, and drawing on our experience, make contingency plans for dealing with many eventualities. Because all work is carried out by us, we are able to eliminate the delays encountered with independently recruited trades people.

Post Construction Maintenance

Being a long established company with many long term and returning clients, we are frequently asked to provide ‘follow up’ advice, maintenance and further remodelling too properties on which we have done the original refurbishment. 

Having worked with you or your representatives on your refurbishment, we will always be pleased to provide further help in connection with that property or, indeed, with any similar property you might own, or decide to purchase. This applies whether the property is your own home or a London investment.

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