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Modernist Reconfiguration


The reconfiguration and new build is inspired by Le Corbusier’s urban components of ‘sun, space and greenery’. Modern extension with curved picture window designed by James Dunnett Architects.


The extension sought to rectify an unsuitable interior layout caused by a previous extension – in particular the basement being used as a kitchen/dining room – and bring more natural light and views of greenery into the space.


Proposal shows upper floor cantilevered out providing shading to the ground-level glazing and some privacy from the housing on the other side of the garden wall. This adjacent housing features generous areas of greenery, providing an attractive outlook from the upper floor of the extension, and the long strip window with 90° radiused bend at the end.


The basement has been subdivided to provide a utility room, bathroom and playroom/spare bedroom. The lightweight construction of the upper floor of the extension was consequential on its being cantilevered, and the almost corrugated surface provided by the narrow V-jointed oak boards contrasts with the crispness of the steel windows.

Modernist Reconfiguration
Modernist Reconfiguration
Modernist Reconfiguration

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— Private Client | House refurbishment and extension in Barnsbury —